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Smart technology has allowed the homebuyer to have greater control around the house. Through the integration of smart thermostats as well as the use of mobile phones, a person can access information about the climate of their home, regulate the temperature of certain devices, and regulate the energy allotted to certain features of the home.

This reduces costs for operating the home when it is empty, and provides the comfort of regulating aspects of the home when one is away. Talk to Synergy Plumbing services, who operate in Loughborough, Shepshed, and the East Midlands about how we can help you with smart technology.

Smart Technology as a means to prevent damage

Plumbing issues, specifically those which involve cracks and leaks around the joining fixtures, are often attributed to the constant expansion and contraction of the pipes.

In the winter months, it is not uncommon for people to have their pipes break or crack due to ice accumulation. Regulating the temperature of your home is a vital means of maintaining the plumbing of your house. And with today’s technology, you can keep charge of the heating and stored hot water in your home, regardless of your location. Not only can you remote access the temperatures of the water, but if a certain room tends to be colder than another, you can adjust the temperature of that zone accordingly. By keeping the pipes warm and a fair amount of hot water, there is less likelihood that the pipes will burst or freeze in colder weather.

Smart Thermostats to reduce costs

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Smart Thermostats can help to reduce the cost of water consumption and energy. By regulating the temperature from your smart phone or mobile device, especially when you are not at home, superfluous energy is saved.

There is no need to have your house at ideal heating temperatures if the house is unoccupied. Keeping the house warm enough to ensure the pipes do not freeze or your plants do not die is sufficient when you are away.

Are you interested in smart technology for your home?

Plumbers Shepshed would love to discuss the various smart technology options available for your home. As a professional plumbing service, operating in Loughborough and the East Midlands, you can be assured of local and reliable advice. Synergy – Your Plumbers in Loughborough.

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