There have been many storms around lately, and damage from these storms can be harmful to your company’s plumbing system. If you need a qualified plumber in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and the East Midlands to help in the aftermath of these adverse weather conditions, contact Synergy Plumbing Services. We are the plumbers that can get your commercial business back on track.

Damage Form Falling Debris

If you are in an area that has recently been pummeled by heavy wind and rain, it might be time to have Synergy Plumbing Services check on your business’s plumbing system. Damage from falling debris and heavy trees can cause significant problems with pipework. Fractured pipes may seemingly work ok for a while, but in time and with changing temperatures things can go from good to bad very quickly, so let us check on your business’s plumbing systems post storm before a small problem turns into an expensive concern.


As the wind and rain rages on, leaves and other foreign objects are introduced into your gutters and drain pipes. In time, these collections of unwanted materials will clog and choke the drainage system. As the clog builds mass, it will get heavier and threaten the structure of your pipework leading to health and safety concerns.

Faulty gutters can lead to water running into brickwork and causing structural damage. Do not put off getting your gutters cleared, and do not attempt to clear them yourself. Stay safe and trust an experienced team like Synergy.

Possible Septic System Backup

Wind and rain can do a lot of damage to your business. When heavy rain reaches the flooding stage, the result can have an impact on both your internal and external drain pipes. Septic system backups can occur quickly when flooding is a problem leading to countless repairs for you to contend with when not addressed swiftly. At Synergy Plumbing Services, we are the experts you need to get septic system repairs completed quickly to minimise disruption.

Synergy Plumbing Services

Business owners have tight budgets and may be tempted to bury their head in the sand when it comes to drainage issues. Let Synergy Plumbing Services, the premier plumbers in Loughborough Shepshed, Hathern, and East Midlands, put your mind at ease after a storm. We can assess your plumbing and account for any possible damage caused by storms, rain, and floods. Let us check things out and get your plumbing up to speed before a small issue turns into a large problem. Contact Synergy Plumbing Services today.

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