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No one wants to wake up to a cold house and the discovery that your boiler is on the blink. A household boiler replacement is an expense we could all do without, but there are ways to ensure that your boiler remains in good working order. Here are some tips to keep in mind.

Get to know your boiler: keep the manual handy

All boilers come with a manual. Read the manual in its entirety and keep it handy for reference. Each unit has specific maintenance requirements. Understanding your unit can save you a considerable amount of money in the long run.

Regular boiler servicing is a must

Once a boiler is installed it’s easy to forget about regular servicing. An annual check and servicing of your boiler will give it the best chance of staying in proper working order, and so will be less likely to break down at critical times.

Check the Pipes and Pressure

A quick look at your boiler will show where the pressure gage is. This gage must maintain a specific pressure for the device to work properly. Keep a check of the pressure and look for any drips from the pipes. Drips can mean that the pressure is not adequate or sometimes even mean that the water is overflowing. If you are not comfortable checking this yourself, the team at Synergy Plumbing Services are always on hand to help.

Pipe Maintenance

Water has properties that make it expand when frozen. The expanding leads to broken pipes within your boiler unit. Many people will turn off their unit when they are not home. This will potentially cause the pipes to freeze and burst if left for a long time, so even if you are not going to be at home, set the thermostat low on the unit to prevent this very costly problem from disrupting your life.

Flue and Ventilation

A boiler has several important  parts. One of these is the flue. It should always remain open and uncovered. It is equally important to maintain order around the boiler for proper ventilation. Keeping furniture and other items away will allow for proper ventilation.

Who to Call

We at Synergy Plumbing Services are here for you. We are skilled and reliable plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton. Get in touch today and save yourself a packet in the long run.

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