Interior plumbing is important for the safety and comfort of your home, but outside taps provide great value too.

External taps allow easy access for watering the garden or washing cars and property. They are also handy for paddling pools, providing family fun during the warm summer months. Synergy Plumbing Services are your local plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and East Midlands that can install, repair or replace your outside taps.

Even if you have a working outside tap, it could be time to upgrade

If your home has an older outdoor tap, there could be an efficiency issue. Older external taps are prone to leaks that can potentially cause harm to your home’s bricks or foundations. Gaskets wear out over time, causing the tap to leak when it is not even turned on. Old taps can also be difficult to use with rusty turn nobs. Synergy Plumbing Services can install new outdoor taps for added efficiency and even provide you with an easy to use quarter turn valve for easier water control.

Improve your quality of live

An outdoor tap may seem like a small addition to the property, but running hosepipes from the kitchen through the window, outside into the drive or garden can be a real pain.  Not to mention the leakage and mess this can create when you just want to get a job done fast. Improve your quality of life with an efficient and modern outside tap from Synergy Plumbing Services

Consider multiple outside taps

One outdoor tap is great for a home, but often, multiple taps are necessary for those with a larger garden or those that have a drive on the other side of the property. Synergy Plumbing Services can professionally install taps on any side of the home for easy access for watering or kid’s outdoor activities. We can even install single units that allow for multiple hoses to be used at once. Choose which solution is right for your needs, but always trust Synergy Plumbing Services to get the job done right.

Synergy Plumbing Services are you local, well reviewed plumbing engineers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern and the East Midlands. Whether you are in need of a simple tap or a complex network of garden sprinklers professionally installed, we are the only name you need to remember. Contact us today and get your outdoor tap installed, repaired or replaced the right way.

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