Is there anything more refreshing and reinvigorating than a good shower? Power Showers can improve your lifestyle, but when your shower’s pressure becomes low and waterflow slows, it can ruin your whole day. We see a lot of cases where the waterflow becomes inadequate in showers, and this can happen for a variety of reasons. The good news is that your local team – Synergy Plumbing Services – have you covered.

What causes low pressure in showers?

There are a number of reasons for low pressure in your shower. Often, the issue is as simple as a clogged showerhead. In time, minerals in the water settle and block the holes, slowing down the shower waterflow. Cleaning the showerhead could restore the pressure completely.

Where cleaning fails to produce the required results, it may be that the shower unit itself is faulty. They often have controls that regulate water pressure. We can check your shower unit and evaluate it for malfunctions. The solution is often a repair or replacement of the shower controls.

The overall water pressure is another potential cause of slow showers. Synergy Plumbing Services serve a lot of clients in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Quorn and Woodhouse Eaves. We often find that the valves in your property need adjusting in order to restore adequate waterflow and pressure. We can check your valves and make any required changes.

In most cases, shower flow is restored through the proper cleaning or repairing/replacing of the shower unit, but in some cases, particularly in old buildings, the problem may be more complex. Corrosion or blockages in pipes can restrict the water flow, leaving you with an unpleasant shower experience. Synergy Plumbing Services are a well-reviewed local team who can tackle your power shower issues from a wide range of potential angles. We are efficient and will always seek out the most cost-effective solution for you. If you are a homeowner, businessowner, or landlord in the area, we can help.

We would advise that if cleaning the showerhead does not fix the shower issue, please get in touch. If the problem lies with your pipework, we can make sure that the pipe size is adequate, and in good condition. We have the proper plumbing equipment to maintain seals and restore flow quickly.

We can help boost the water pressure in your shower, so get in touch today.

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