Saniflo Installs and Repairs – What is Saniflo?

Saniflo is a toilet that can be placed virtually “anywhere”. It is the macerator system that makes this type of toilet so unique. Instead of relying on waste being simply flushed down a gravity fed tube into the septic system, these toilets utilise a macerator behind the toilet to break-up waste so it can be fed through a much smaller tube. It is not necessarily gravity fed, and can be sent up vertically as well. Instead of integrating a complicated system of piping that runs down into the system, Saniflo toilets can be installed anywhere in the home or business regardless of its orientation to the building’s sanitary plumbing system.

Installing any type of toilet can come with unexpected complications and we are here to help make the project go without a hitch. Synergy Plumbing Services are your local plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Kegworth, Quorn and the and East Midlands and we are ready to install your new bathroom with no hassle. More and more customers are turning to Saniflo systems to provide a toilet where they need it most.

What are the benefits of Saniflo systems?

Adding an ensuite bathroom can increase the value of a home, but the location of your plumbing system may present a challenge for traditional units. However, Saniflo can be added practically anywhere, so an ensuite bathroom is more viable possibility than ever before. In addition to adding value, placing the toiler where you want it will add comfort and quality of life, especially where mobility may be an issue.

If an accessible bathroom is a necessity, Saniflo can provide the necessary bathroom without the hassle. Saniflo’s system also allows water and waste to flow up into the system from the basement or for longer distances, without contending with clogs or other possible flow issues.

Synergy Plumbing Services are your local expert plumbers in Loughborough, Quorn, Kegworth, Shepshed, Hathern and the East Midlands and we ready to get you the bathroom you have always wanted, anywhere in the home, through Saniflo systems.

Give Synergy the opportunity to assess your home and make it more comfortable with Saniflo. With Saniflo, there is no need to worry about the bathroom looking different. Each toilet looks exactly like a standard unit and the macerator can be placed behind the wall.

Contact Synergy Plumbing Services today for Saniflo Installs and Repairs from the team you can trust.

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