Following months of lockdown for businesses in England, the government has finally begun to ease restrictions on many industrial sectors. If you are taking steps to re-open your premises, make sure you are clear of bugs.

Many pubs, restaurants, and retailers are finally able to open their doors once again now that the first wave of COVID-19 is under control. Managers and staff throughout the UK are working hard to make sure that they operate with COVID-Secure practices such as social distancing, masks and screens. As the world gets to grips with the ‘new normal’, there are a multitude of health and safety issues to ponder. Coronavirus itself is not thought to survive long in water, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other bugs lurking around.

With businesses having closed their doors for several weeks and buildings going unstaffed, the chances are that water hasn’t been flowing properly around most commercial properties for quite some time. Micro-organisms such as Legionella is just one threat that can live in stagnant water. Legionnaire’s disease is a form of pneumonia and can be life threatening. In order to make owners and managers aware of the need for adequate plumbing, The Association of Plumbers and Heating Contractors Ireland (APHCI) have issued a warning.

APHCI Chairman, Sean Giffney, has said: “The APHCI is warning employers to ensure that back to work procedures include taking measures in advance of opening premises to employees and the public.

“Due to the current emergency situation, many non-essential businesses including hotels, bars, swimming pools, gyms and leisure facilities, retail outlets offices, dental clinics, factories, schools, colleges and training centres closed at short notice. It is vital that before employees return to work, these businesses take the correct actions and ensure that all systems in their buildings are thoroughly flushed, cleaned and disinfected.”

Synergy Plumbing Services are offering a range of checks and treatments on areas that may need attention. If you would like us to inspect your pipes and waterflow, we can carry out an observation and get you back on track should we find any issues. It is important for your customers, clients, and staff, that you are committed to running a safe environment, so let us help take any plumbing issues off your mind.

Of course, we are also available to help with those other plumbing niggles such as dripping taps and leaking toilets. If you need a reliable plumber that is skilled and local, we can help.

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