We at Synergy Plumbing want to ensure that all of our customers are educated in plumbing basics. Hiring quality plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton is essential, but here are 10 tips that you can use around your home to help keep your plumbing issues to a minimum –

1. Be kind to your plug holes – Your bin can take anything you throw into it because there are no pipes. Some food items are not a good idea to put into your drainage system such as peelings, egg shells, oils, fats and other debris that can clog the water flow.

2. Locate your main stop valve – Any homeowner, renter, or anyone occupying a home, should always know where the main water valve is and how to turn it off. Plumbing issues do not always give you notice and to minimise damage, know where the valve is and how to use it.

3. Not everyone is a soldering expert – It seems an easy task to solder pipes, but looks are deceiving in this case. It takes years of experience to make certain it is soldered correctly and will not have future leaks. Getting soldering done by an expert will save you a packet in the long run.

4. No hygiene products down the toilet – Just because a product is used in the bathroom does not mean that it can be flushed into the system. Hygiene products do not biodegrade and will build up within the system ultimately causing it to fail. Many cleaning wipes cause major issues too.

5. Stop hair clogs – Hair clogs are one of the easiest things to stop. A simple mesh screen stopper will allow the water to drain through without the hair clogging the drain. Clean it regularly and you will not have to contend with hair clogs again.

6. No Pets – Your septic system is not just a place to flush anything. Many parents flush dead fish (and even other small dead pets!) as a means of properly getting rid of them. Bacteria can affect the system, so find another way to dispose of your beloved pets.

7. Watch the chemicals – Respected plumbers such as Synergy Plumbing Services use suitable chemicals when dealing with blocked drains. Don’t be tempted to raid your shed looking for an alternative. Health and safety is paramount and we are here to help.

8. Check your hoses – Many suspected plumbing issues actually arise from improperly fitted appliances such as washing machines and dishwashers. Check the hoses. If in doubt, let us help fit your appliances.
9. Find the toilet valve – Just as important as knowing where the main water valve is, you need to locate the individual toilet valve as well to contend with any localised issue in that area.

10. Read the manual – Your water heater is a very important part of the home. They do require maintenance, so be sure to read and follow instructions for any maintenance needed on the model you have.

Synergy Plumbing Services can help with landlord maintenance contracts and individual home owner services such as boiler checks. We can fit appliances, inspect properties, and provide a wide range of other services such as bathroom, wet room, and disabled access bathroom installation. Talk to us today.

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