Plumbing maintenance, like many other tasks, is a seasonable business – so make sure that your plumbing infrastructure is ready for the impending cold weather in the months ahead.

The summer is a great time for plumbing tasks. Many of us love to get out into the garden and have plumbing issues on our minds. Regular projects include outside taps, sprinklers, and even hot tub installations but as the impending winter looms, we tend to head back into the house to escape the cold. And that’s when we may neglect our plumbing systems.

Pipes will feel the strain this winter

One aspect of plumbing that is often overlooked is the damage that winter can bring. The increases and decreases in temperature will put your pipes to the test. Often, pipes will freeze or crack under the pressure of a hard winter. Still, there are things that you can do now, to save money later.

Synergy Plumbing Services are often asked to check properties and make sure that they are ready for winter. If you own a home or a business, one of our professional engineers can carry out a risk assessment and form a plan of action. Schools and places of work can greatly benefit from these types of checks.

Winter can be a structural threat

We can check the structural soundness of exterior pipe work. We can also take steps to insulate vulnerable pipes. If you live in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, or surrounding areas of the East Midlands, you will be well aware of the harsh conditions that winter can bring. Not only can pipes freeze, but stormy and windy weather would make your exterior plumbing unstable. This can cause further issues around the property, not to mention a health and safety risk.

We can carry out regular internal and exterior plumbing checks

Overfull drain pipes with frozen leaves will weigh a significant amount. So, whilst you are back in your warm house over the winter, don’t neglect your exterior plumbing. If your property is left unattended during the winter months, the interior pipework could also be troubled by the cold weather. Synergy can carry out regular site checks for your peace of mind. Whatever concerns you may have for your plumbing this winter, talk to our experienced and well-reviewed team. Synergy can offer the most efficient solutions, leaving you free to enjoy the winter period without and nasty plumbing surprises.


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