Plumbing pipework has a tough job and will serve you for a number of years, but nothing lasts forever. If you find that you are experiencing leaks or generally having any water flow difficulties, do not hesitate to contact Synergy Plumbing Services.

We are your local and well-reviewed plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Quorn and the East Midlands. We can repair or replace any pipework.

Rusty or Eroding Pipes?

Rusty pipes are a good indicator that your plumbing system is in need of attention and replacement. Neglecting to upgrade rusted pipes can lead to costly and hazardous leaks further down the track. Leaks can cause mold and mildew that build up in your home, subsequently leading to health and safety concerns. Continual leaks can eat a lot of your monthly energy costs – so as soon as you notice rust on your pipes, contact Synergy Plumbing Services.

Damaged Pipes?

Damage commonly happens to pipes both inside and outside the home. Most often, during the winter months, broken pipes can be attributed to freezing water. An uninsulated pipe will freeze when the temperatures dip and as water expands in the pipework, it will crack or burst. Once the water thaws, the holes then allow the water to leak out of the pipe. Synergy can fix burst or cracked pipes, or replace them to restore correct water flow. We can also insulate pipes as a means of prevention.

Moving Property?

When you find the right home for your family, it is a joyous experience, but if the plumbing system within that home has been neglected over the years or is simply in need of updating, it can cause concern. Contact Synergy Plumbing Services before signing those final papers. We can advise on specific requirements for the plumbing system, so that you do not have to worry about turning the water on for the first time.

The Full Plumbing Service in Loughborough, Quorn, Hathern and Surrounding Areas

We can check boilers and pipework around the property. Synergy Plumbing Services is here for all your pipework concerns. We are dedicated to providing our customers with expert plumbing services throughout the home. We also serve landlords and business owners.

Other potential difficulties with pipes include damage caused by tree roots or foreign objects. We can dig trenches to remove roots, and we can fix issues caused by roots.

To discuss your individual plumbing requirements, don’t put off the issue as it will only get worse and likely cost more money to fix in the long run. Get in touch with your local trusted Plumbers – Synergy Plumbing Services.

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