Plumbing issues can, and will, arise when you least expect them. It is easy to completely forget about your home’s plumbing systems when things are going smoothly, but when a pipe bursts or your central heating decides to go on the blink, you will have the hassle or getting the problem resolved.

Sometimes problems can be impossible to see by the naked eye. You may have a room that just won’t heat up properly. You have checked the window and door seals, and still the room is cold. What next?

When this type of issue arises, having a qualified plumbing technician available to you will make all the difference. Synergy are professional, respected, and qualified plumbers in Loughborough. Often, problems can be identified by having regular maintenance on your systems – carried out by a plumber in Loughborough, Shepshed, and surrounding areas. This way, problems can be spotted ahead of time.

Synergy Plumbing Services

We have worked diligently to maintain a reputation of excellence. We can service all of your plumbing requirements – from shower installations, leaks, and so much more. We are also Gas Safe registered. We can handle even the most complex plumbing problem and pride ourselves on finding the most convenient, and cost effective solutions.

Power Flushing Services in Loughborough, Shepshed…

It is easy to understand the importance of proper drainage and fixing any leaks throughout the home, but many people seem to forget about their central heating. Although your unit may last for many years, there are ways to extend it’s life even more. This is where power flushing comes in to play.

Radiators may fail to warm up properly, creating cold spots around the house. We can identify this with our thermal imaging camera.

Our specialised power flushing service gives your system an increased lifespan. Power flushing strips the interior pipes of any residue that could inhibit the unit from performing at its optimum level. When the system is completely clean, we add another treatment that will prevent any additional corrosion from appearing. Power flushing is highly recommended in older units, but even if your central unit is only a few years old, moisture can allow for corrosion to take hold.

Plumbers Loughborough

If you think your property might benefit from a power flushing service, please get in touch and arrange a visit. We can cover Loughborough, Shepshed, and the East Midlands.

Plumbers Shepshed

Synergy Plumbing Services allows you to take hold of the small issue before they turn into a large problems. Contact us today.

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