If a radiator is not heating properly, professional Power Flushing of the system might hold your solution. Synergy Plumbing Services are your locally trusted plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Quorn, Hathern, and the East Midlands that can power flush your radiator quickly, restoring heat.

This service can lead to more efficient heating within the home and may save you a packet on future energy bills.

What is Power Flushing?

Radiators are essential in any home, especially during the cold winter season, but water moving through the system tends to cause buildup. Even if your water is virtually pure and clean, calcium will eventually cause pipes to become clogged leaving the unit ineffective. Rust and sludge can also build up within the system, but all this can often be alleviated with Synergy’s efficient Power Flushing Service.

How to Know You Need Power Jetting

There are a few key symptoms to watch for in order to make a case for power flushing a system.

The System may be frequently Switching ON and OFF

A system that is frequently turning ON and OFF is not only problematic, but is also a good indicator that power jetting may be necessary. This scenario is known as ‘cycling’ and it highlights the fact that water is not effectively moving through your unit.

Continual Breakdowns

Servicing a boiler unit is essential, but if you find that your unit is constantly requiring attention, flushing the system may alleviate much of these breakdown situations.

Unstable Temperature

A boiler is supposed to be able to maintain a set temperature and those that give out an unstable temperature or have cold spots within the system may be suffering from clogged pipes.

Whistling Noise

When a boiler starts to sound like a kettle, it could mean that water is not being pulled through the system efficiently.

Long Heating Times

The advantage of a working radiator is its almost instantaneous heating function. If your unit turns on, but takes longer to heat up, it might not be maintaining proper water flow.

Contact Synergy Plumbing Services for Power Flushing in Loughborough and Surrounding Areas

If you notice any of the issues covered above, contact Synergy Plumbing Services straight away. Neglecting to have your unit power flushed by a professional could well result in increased repair costs relating. Inefficient radiators can also lead to a noticeable increase as relates to your monthly heating expenses.

We are your local and well-reviewed Plumbing engineers ready to serve you. How can we help?



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