Today, thousands of people all around Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Belton and the surrounding areas will start their day with an invigorating shower. The evolution of showering has made the whole process one of the most enjoyable and important parts of many peoples day. Showers are an essential aspect of the bathroom. If you are looking to upgrade your shower system, here are some benefits associated with getting a Power Shower fitted.

Power Showers Can Save You Some Money

One of the greatest benefits of a Power Shower is the fact that it can save you money. This will depend on the type of shower installed, but for the most part, and for showers lasting less than 10 minutes, Power Showers use less water than older systems.

Power Showers Offer Multiple Feed Options

With a Power Shower the owner has options in terms of where the water comes from, to feed the shower head. A Power Shower can be installed as being fed by the boiler, provided you choose a shower that allows for this, or it can be electric based – where it works independently from the Boiler System. If you would like to get some advice on the best type of shower for your property, talk to the team here at Synergy Plumbing Services by using the online form or giving us a call. One of our skilled colleagues can talk through the options with you in Loughborough, Hathern, Belton and the East Midlands.

Power Showers Provide Your Property With Added Value

Bathrooms are one of the biggest selling points of any home and Power Showers help to present your property in the best way to potential buyers. When a home owner decides to sell their home, having potential buyers see the quality of the Power Shower fixture in the bathroom is a considerable selling point and shows that the home has been recently updated.

Power Showers Offer Plenty of Choice

When it comes to Power Showers, you may be overwhelmed by the options available to you . Today, there are so many  designs with various finishes and multiple head configurations.

Choosing to upgrade your bathroom is a wise decision. The value and comfort added to your shower experience with a Power Shower will improve your quality of life. Now is the time to start getting excited about stepping into your new Power Shower each morning! Start every day the right way with a Power Shower installation from Synergy Plumbing Services. For further information on installations in Loughborough, Hathern, Belton and the East Midlands contact Synergy Plumbing Services today.

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