Synergy Plumbing Services has been called out to thousands of jobs over the years. We’ve seen it all, so here were present our top tips to prolong the life of your plumbing and avoid the need for professional services. But don’t forget, if you need professional assistance, don’t suffer in silence – we are ready to help.

Don’t overtighten your taps

Many people think that the sure way to prevent a dripping tap is to tighten the tap to excess. Whilst it is true that the tap should be securely turned, you can do more harm than good by overtightening. Putting undue pressure on the tap will wear out the inner parts and this will actually make it more likely to drip as the tap fails.

Make sure you can locate the main valve

It is fairly common that homeowners, and especially renters, have no idea where the main water valve is. This is of concern because should you have a burst pipe or a major leak, you will need to shut off the water by turning off the main valve. In many cases, this is located under the sink in the kitchen, but be sure to check your own property and make sure you know where it is situated.

Be ‘flush friendly’

In the UK, modern toilets are capable of flushing some serious mass down into the drain, but the pipes that the waste if forced into can be less accommodating. Most areas in the United Kingdom have extremely old-fashioned sewers with narrow pipes. They were not designed to discard much of the materials that are flushed away. Toilet paper is usually ok because it easily breaks-down, but other cleaning objects such as antibacterial wipes are hardier and will cause a blockage, fast. Be aware of what you are flushing and use traditional methods such as a bin where more appropriate.

Never ignore leaks

Some leaks can be easily stopped by securing the pipe seals, but know when you should be handing things over to a professional. Sometimes specialist equipment, and professional experience is required to solve a leak without making things worse. If you find you have a leak, act before a small drip becomes a massive pain and talk to Synergy Plumbing Services. Getting help early almost always saves money when it comes to plumbing tasks.

Synergy are operating now in Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Kegworth and all around the East Midlands.

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