Loughborough plumbers are not all the same, and come with a wide range of differing expertise. When dealing with gas, a Gas Safe plumber is the only way to go.

There are so many reasons that you should only trust Gas Safe plumbers in Loughborough. Synergy Plumbing Services offer certified solutions.

Much Safer

Safety is always of utmost concern with our customers. The Gas Safe certification ensures that the Loughborough plumber that you use has been versed and certified on how to handle dangerous gas appliances. We at Synergy Plumbing Services work to ensure health and safety with every job we perform.

Carbon Monoxide

What makes carbon monoxide so dangerous is that it is odorless. It can go undetected and is unfortunately a silent killer. A Gas Safe certified Loughborough plumber from Synergy Plumbing Services maintains specialised equipment to detect carbon monoxide leaks to keep you and your family from harm.

Fire and Explosions

A simple spark can ignite a leaking gas appliance. The resulting explosion is often enough to incinerate an entire home if given time to spread. The most dangerous aspect of gas is that if a leak is not properly contained and fixed, the entire family is at risk.

Undetected Leaks

Under less dramatic circumstances where explosions are yet to come, leaks are still a financial drain. Valuable gas leaking out of a system can cause you to pay more in fuel costs and as the leak gets worse, the cost can increase tremendously – as can the threat level.

True Peace

The costs of running a home can be the cause of much worry to the home owner. A certified Gas Safe Loughborough plumber gives the homeowner or landlord some peace of mind. We operate with highly competitive rates and provide a second-to-none service that will save you greatly in the long run.

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