Our reviews speak for themselves. At Synergy Plumbing Services we pride ourselves on providing top care to our clientele, so if you are looking for high quality plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and the East Midlands, we are the only name you need to remember.

Among our many services, is our boiler maintenance, repair, and replacement services.

Boilers Fitted in Loughborough and Surrounding Areas

We fit high quality Boiler units manufactured by Worcester Bosch, Ideal, Baxi and more. To find the right Boiler for you, please get in touch. Our local engineers are waiting to get you up and running.

Maintain Your Boiler System

A boiler can last for many years, but neglecting to maintain the system can prematurely ware on parts and cause the system to work inefficiently. At Synergy Plumbing Services, we understand the ins and outs of all types of boiler systems and offer regularly scheduled maintenance to keep your system working at its highest level. Let’s give your Boiler love tender loving care and make it last longer providing more value for money.

Common Boiler Problems

You may not notice a slight issue in your boiler’s performance, but if you do notice any problems, it is essential to contact Synergy Plumbing Services as soon as possible. Here are some of the more common boiler related problems to watch for.

Noisy Unit – Your boiler should run relatively quiet, but if your boiler starts making a noise, there is usually an issue. A whistling sound usually means there is trapped air in the system. We can bleed the system to resolve the issue. Another noise that is often apparent is a gurgling sound. During the winter months, pipes can freeze. This is an issue that should be dealt with immediately to avoid further problems.There are many other reasons as to why your unit may be noisy so lets get to the bottom of the issue quickly for you.

Not Applying Central Heat – If you find that your boiler is not engaging the central heating unit, check the thermostat first. Some systems do not allow the central unit to engage at a temperature lower than 21 degrees. Adjust your thermostat to above that degree, but if that does not work, the issue could be a faulty motorized diverter valve or some other issue that needs professional attention. Please get in touch.

Not Turning On – This problem could be any number of issues so always call Synergy Plumbing Services to ensure you get a professional opinion about the system repair needs. Most commonly, this issue is caused by a lack of water pressure due to air getting into the unit.

Synergy Plumbing Services is your number one local team for all boiler fitting, servicing, and repair needs. We have experience in treating all types of boiler concerns on every style of unit. Professional and courteous service is what we provide to customers throughout the Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and East Midlands areas and if you have had difficulty with plumbers in the past, look no further than Synergy Plumbing Services to provide the plumbing services you deserve.


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