If you have an issue with an air lock, talk to Synergy Plumbing Services

In many cases, you may not realise that there is an air lock in the system until you find that your radiators are not heating up correctly. Air can cause a blockage which disrupts proper circulation. This can be a significant problem if heat is not being taken away from the boiler as it can cause it the boiler to fail.

A common cause of air locks may be related to recently drained or re-filled radiators. If not undertaken carefully, air can enter the heating system and this is where the problems begin. Air is often trapped inside the radiator itself, and this is when you notice a reduction in heat being distributed from the radiator unit. Another good sign that your radiator has air trapped inside it is if the top of the unit is cooler than the base.

It may be possible to fix the issue by upping the pressure. This can sometimes move the air lock. Another culprit may be the pump not working correctly. It is worth while talking to experienced engineers such as Synergy Plumbing Services, who can get to the source of the problem fast. We will suggest the best solution for each individual plumbing problem.

Fixing Air Locks in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern and Surrounding Areas

We often find that the radiators are not ‘balanced’ properly, which means that we need to look at the heating system. We can make adjustments to the system or to the valves to fix this issue.

We can also drain and re-fill heating systems where necessary.

It’s important to note that if you find that there is dark water in the system, we may need to arrange a Power Flushing service, since black water can indicate a blockage of dirt or sludge rather than air.

Whatever the cause, it is better to get the problem fixed before it gets bigger.

Synergy Plumbing Services can evaluate your air lock and devise the most efficient and cost-effective plan for sorting the issue – fast. We are a local company with great reviews and we are highly skilled.

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