Certain repair projects around the home are often put on the backburner in favour of more pressing tasks, but when it comes to the toilet, repairs are essential for the happiness for the household. Toilet repairs and installs may seem relatively easy, but a lot can go wrong if a trained professional is not working on the issue. We at Synergy Plumbing Services are the plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Quorn, and surrounding local areas than can get your toilet running perfectly once again. Synergy can also install new units where necessary.

Why is my Toilet Continually Running?

Toilets are designed to whisk waste water swiftly away through the drainage system. Once flushed, the rear tank will re-fill to allow for the cycle to begin again. Unfortunately, gaskets and flippers in the tank can malfunction causing water to continually run to the system. Although the noise of the toilet running can be aggravating, the issue is bigger than that. The additional running water could raise your water bill drastically.

Why is my Toilet Bowl Not Holding Water?

There are a number of reasons why water might be escaping from the pan. There could be a leak caused by a broken drain beneath the toilet. The leak could be due to a cracked bowl, or there may be a breach in the pipe network that is connected to the toilet.

When Should I Contact Synergy Plumbing Services?

Toilet repairs and installations can seem like an easy fix for DIY’ers, but please consider that a lot can go wrong. Toilets work off gravity, and also rely on vacuum suction to release water appropriately. If seals are not sufficiently applied, the toilet will not flush adequately and can leak – causing water damage to the floor of the bathroom.

It is often tempting to undertake what might appear to be a simple fix in order to save costs, but our experience is that if a call is made early to a professional local plumber, you are likely to save money in the long run, not to mention hassle and stress.

We at Synergy Plumbing Services are experts at installing and repairing toilets. Our professional team of expert plumbers can get your toilet flushing perfectly or install a shiny new bowl in a flash. Give us the opportunity to prove to you that we are your trusted plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and East Midlands. We look forward to serving you, so Contact Synergy Plumbing Services Today.

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