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Our experienced plumbers are Water Safe and Gas Safe registered.  We are certified members of the Association of Plumbing and Heating Contractors.

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Synergy Plumbing Services carry out all general plumbing and repairs, including emergencies. Call Now For a Free no Obligation Quotation. Plumbers Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Belton, Coalville and surrounding areas in Leicestershire.

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Your local fast and reliable plumbing service.

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Checked your Gas Appliances recently?
Carbon Monoxide poisoning takes lives. Make sure your home or work place is regularly checked. High levels can be difficult to spot without professional help.

gas meter reading loughborough

Struggling To Read Your Gas Meter?
If your gas meter is in an awkward position making it hard to see or difficult to top-up with credit, we can help. Re-installation from as little as £85 including fittings.

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Plumbing Repairs and Installations
Synergy Plumbing Services operate a reliable service throughout Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Coalville, Belton, and surrounding areas in Leicestershire.

Be ‘Garden Ready’ in Loughborough this Spring & Summer

The UK is finally hinting at warming up after a (very) long winter and now is the time to begin preparations on those outdoor spaces. As barbecue season approaches, get the most from your garden. Gardens are an enjoyable place to relax and socialise when the sun... read more

Times are tough! Save money with Synergy Plumbing Services

Energy and water costs are something that every home owner must contend with. Sometimes these costs can take up to half of the monthly home expenses. Many people are under the misconception that it will take big expensive new systems to reduce energy costs making the... read more

Plumbing for Elderly & Disabled People in Loughborough

Synergy Plumbing Services is the leading plumber in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton. We look after all our customers and have a special place in our hearts for the elderly. Many aging people do not have the strength to accomplish specific maintenance tasks... read more

Loughborough Plumbing General Services from Synergy

No matter the season, you plumbing needs to be running smoothly for your home to be a happy one. Keep hold of our phone number for reference and get help when it counts: 01509 400 115 If you are looking for plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton then... read more

Loughborough Plumbing Installation Projects Undertaken

Types of Installations regularly provided by Synergy Plumbing Services We are not just focused on the interior plumbing of your home. We take care to ensure that all of the fixtures and appliances are installed and working correctly as well. If you happen to be... read more

Gas Safe Plumbing in Loughborough and Surrounding Areas…

Gas Services offered by Synergy. Gas has become essential for many homes, but it is extremely flammable and should always be handled with great caution. The average person should never attempt to install any gas appliance in the home. It should only be done by Gas... read more

Benefits of a Power Shower Installation in Loughborough

Today, thousands of people all around Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Belton and the surrounding areas will start their day with an invigorating shower. The evolution of showering has made the whole process one of the most enjoyable and important parts of many... read more

General Plumbing Services in Loughborough – Synergy

When you need reliable plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton, Synergy Plumbing Services are your local expert plumber. We have the experience necessary to handle any plumbing issue that may arise within your home. Free Plumbing Quotation Some... read more

Get an Outside Tap Fitted or Fixed Before Summer

As we get nearer to those summer months, we start thinking about all the things we can do in the garden. Many people understand the value and convenience of an Outdoor Tap and if your home lacks one – it may be time to call Synergy Plumbing Services. We can... read more

Plumbing Services in Loughborough from Synergy Plumbing

When the plumbing fails, you don’t need to feel helpless or alone. When emergencies and general repairs need to be looked at, you want someone that is reliable, knowledgeable, and that will get the problem resolved as fast as possible. The only name you need to... read more

Heating Services in Loughborough from Synergy Plumbing

Plumbing issues can arise without warning, especially at this time of year when temperatures drop. Many people would be forgiven for thinking that taps, drains, and toilets are the only things that a Plumbing company is able to help them with, but there’s so... read more

Problem Plumbing Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern….

No matter how large or small your home or business premises is , the thing that all modern buildings have in common is the fact that they all contain some form of plumbing. When things go wrong, call on Synergy Plumbing Services. Plumbing problems happen from time to... read more

Gas Safety Checks in Loughborough, Shepshed…

Gas is an integral part of many homes throughout the East Midlands, so it’s troubling that so many gas appliances go unmonitored for years, putting human life at risk. Synergy Plumbing Services can help with Gas Safety Checks. Many people assume that they will... read more

Home Improvement Services in Loughborough, Shepshed…

Additional Services in Loughborough, Shepshed… If you are looking for a range of services around the home, you may be surprised to learn that Synergy can fit kitchen and bathroom appliances. More than this, we can help with the décor too! We canoffer a total one stop... read more

Energy Efficiency Changes for Landlords in Loughborough

Standards are tightening for landlords in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and surrounding areas. Landlords have long been subjected to the Energy Performance Certification Regulations but now significant changes are being made, and this is something that property... read more

Don’t Compromise Your Plumbing… Or Your Christmas

A look at how some people compromise their Christmas spending to contend with high heating bills The costs associated with heating the home seem to go up each year. According to a recent study, it is estimated that roughly 60% of all adults in the UK wait for as long... read more

10 Plumbing Tips from Synergy Plumbing Services

We at Synergy Plumbing want to ensure that all of our customers are educated in plumbing basics. Hiring quality plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton is essential, but here are 10 tips that you can use around your home to help keep your plumbing... read more

A Plumbers Top Tips for Moving Home around Loughborough

Moving into a new home is exciting, but can also be a bit scary. Even with a proper inspection, you do not know how the plumbing system has been treated over the years. There’s probably no record of any problems that have arisen, or which parts have been... read more

Plumbing Problems Fixed Fast in Loughborough and Shepshed

Synergy Plumbing Services have an excellent reputation. Our Shepshed and Loughborough plumbers are on hand to help out. Plumbing issues are quite common and the most frequent problems tend to follow the same pattern. From our vast experience of providing plumbing... read more

Why you should use Safe Plumbers in Loughborough

Loughborough plumbers are not all the same, and come with a wide range of differing expertise. When dealing with gas, a Gas Safe plumber is the only way to go. There are so many reasons that you should only trust Gas Safe plumbers in Loughborough. Synergy Plumbing... read more

Ensuite Bathroom Installation in Loughborough

Make your home more comfortable with an ensuite bathroom in Loughborough or Shepshed Bathrooms are an essential part of any home. Not only are our bathrooms amongst the most used rooms in the house, but they are one of the things that prospective new buyers will... read more

Bathroom accessories and fitting in Loughborough

As important as your sink, shower, and toilet are, it is often those ‘luxury’ accessories that make the room more comfortable for the family. It is possible to live without these bathroom accessories, but when they are installed by a professional, they add... read more

Bathroom Refurb and Restoration in Loughborough

Renovation is a part of home ownership. There inevitably comes a time in the life of the home where the standard features become outdated and in need of repair. People tend to focus much of their attention on the main downstairs rooms of the home for renovation... read more

Get the bathroom you always wanted with Synergy

The bathroom is easily one of the most used rooms in the home, but household budgets often leave it neglected. Trust Synergy Plumbing Services to put that right. Maintenance on the bathroom is seldom thought of until those dreaded times when the fixtures and plumbing... read more

Save Money with Synergy: Loughborough Plumbers

How to safeguard your household budget: Plumbers Loughborough It is estimated that energy bills can account for as much as half the monthly expenses in an average household. Energy costs can quickly escalate at different times of the year, but there are some things... read more

Tap Repair – Taps fixed in Loughborough areas

Kitchen Taps, Outside Taps, Bathroom Taps If you are having problem with taps around, or outside, the home – give Synergy Plumbing Services a call today and gain access to the best plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and Belton. We can help with your... read more

Plumbers Loughborough, Shepshed Services

If you own your own home or have properties that you rent out – You really need to have an expert plumber at the ready for when emergencies happen. Get peace of mind with help from Synergy Plumbing Services. Not all plumbers offer the same services, but we at... read more

Let Synergy Plumbers Loughborough install your appliances

Have you recently bought new appliances that need installing? We appreciate that time is at a premium these days, and it can be a hassle making sure you have the right piping or tools to make secure connections. Washing Machine Installation Loughborough Areas... read more

Plumbing for all occasions from your Loughborough Plumbers

When you are looking for a plumber, time is of the essence. In many cases this is due to an emergency situation which needs to have a quick and definitive resolution. Either a pipe has burst, the water heater has stopped working, or an appliance needs to be installed.... read more

Climate Control from your Loughborough Plumbing Experts.

Help reduce plumbing issues with our service from Synergy. Smart technology has allowed the homebuyer to have greater control around the house. Through the integration of smart thermostats as well as the use of mobile phones, a person can access information about the... read more

Combi Boilers Fitted in Loughborough and East Midlands

Plumbers Loughborough Benefit from a Combi Boiler fitted by the experts at Synergy Plumbing Services. We appreciate that there are a number of different boiler models now available, and plenty of people who will try and fit one for you. Make sure to hire a reputable... read more

Annual Servicing of Your Boiler with Synergy

How an Annual Boiler Service from Synergy can save your health, and your money… The boiler is an integral part of the home. Although it is possible to survive without a boiler, once you get used to all the benefits that hot water and a nice warm home can bring –... read more

Synergy: Plumbers in Loughborough helping Landlords

Get the plumbing support you need for a speedy and reliable service that will keep your tenants happy. Plumbers Loughborough There are many aspects to property management for landlords and owners of shared or student housing. Let Synergy – plumbers in Loughborough –... read more

Bathroom Fitting and Plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed…

Synergy Plumbing Service specialise in Bathroom re-fits and installations. We can source your shower, bath, toilet, jacuzzi, wet room, or anything else you may need to bring your bathroom right up to date. We can also help with disabled access bathrooms. If you live... read more

When to Call Synergy. Plumbers Loughborough, Shepshed…

With tight budgets and a challenging economy, it’s no surprise that many people try to fix plumbing issues alone in the hope that they will save a little money. This can be short term thinking, because without proper training, many ‘DIY’ projects can... read more

Landlords and Student Homes: Plumbers Loughborough…

Synergy Plumbing Services – the team you can trust. It is a difficult task to keep a property in tip-top shape. Landlords and those that run student homes in Shepshed and Loughborough have even more responsibility to contend with. Those that own large, shared,... read more

Bathroom Specialists. Plumbers Loughborough…

Synergy Plumbing Services is the Specialists for All Your Bathroom Needs Estate agents often claim that apart from the location, it is the bathroom and kitchen that ultimately sell the property. Bathroom design and installation should not be taken lightly. Bathrooms... read more

Synergy Plumbing Services in Shepshed and Loughborough

The Number One Plumbers in Shepshed and Loughborough We understand that your home is likely to be your most valuable material asset. Your property should keep you, and the family warm and dry in the winter months. But when your plumbing is not functioning properly it... read more

When is it time to call Synergy Plumbing Services?

When to call your local expert plumber in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Kegworth, and the East Midlands. Plumbers Loughborough Plumbing issues can arise quickly, and most of the time the situation has come to dire straits before the, now serious, plumbing problem... read more

Prevent plumbing issues this winter.

Preparations required to make sure plumbing issues do not arise this winter. Before the winter gets here you need to make sure that your plumbing is secure so that it will not leave you scrambling for a solution in the dead of winter. Synergy are Plumbers in... read more

Loughborough Plumbing Services

How to find local qualified and registered plumber for business of residential. Do you have plumbing and heating needs? Are you a business or residential householder in the East Midlands, Kegworth, or Donnington area? Whatever plumbing services you require, you can... read more

Plumbers Loughborough: Choose a Local Company.

With google at your fingertips it can be easy to find a plumber quickly online. These companies will often have 0800 or local dial numbers set up in every region to make you feel like you are getting in touch with someone close at hand. Synergy Plumbing Services Ltd... read more

Professional Plumbing Service Loughborough

Thanks for visiting Synergy Plumbing Services. We are experienced Plumbers in Loughborough. We also serve surrounding areas such as Hathern, Shepshed, Belton, Coalville, Whitwick and more. If you have an emergency or just need some diagnostic work done, please contact... read more

How to find a Plumber in Loughborough

How to find the right plumber in Loughborough and Surrounding Areas Seeking out a reliable plumber in Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Belton, and surrounding areas may seem like a daunting task. If you want to receive a quality plumbing service for the right price,... read more

Loughborough Landlords Be Aware

The law has changed recently and now requires landlords to undertake an assessment on their residential properties to identify the risk of legionella. What is legionella? Legionella is a bacteria which lives in water systems like water tanks, air conditioning units... read more
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