Let’s face it, maintaining your home or commercial property is no easy task. You have the electrics to think about, in addition to structural issues, and not least on the list of priorities is making sure than the plumbing is all in good spec. Here, Synergy takes a look at the 10 most common plumbing problems, as reported from a study made last year by the Water Regulation Advisory Scheme (WRAS).

Problem 10: Water Storage Tank Failure

Kicking us off with 2% of the vote, water tank failure is something to be very much aware of. If your water pressure has dropped or you suspect a leak, don’t wait before calling a reputable plumber such as Synergy Plumbing Services.

Problem 9: Flooding

3% of property owners have suffered from the significant misfortune of flooding. Of course, flooding can be one of the most expensive problems of all, due to the damage that can be done.

Problem 8: Frozen Pipes

You may not think that temperatures get gold enough in the UK to actively freeze your pipes, but since 4% of the property-owning public have experienced it, you should think about it too. Make sure pipes are insulated and protected from the cold.

Problem 7: Noisy Pipes

Issues with pressure or air circulating in the system can lead to noisy pipes, as 5% of voters in the study know. Synergy are experts in clearing noisy pipes. Ask us about our power flushing service.

Problem 6: Water temperature issues

There’s nothing as depressing as looking forward to a hot steamy bath only to find that it’s stone cold. 5% of the public reported it, but many more have suffered the pain! Water temperature issues can be caused by a number of factors, such as where attention is needed with the boiler. Make sure to have your boiler serviced by Synergy once a year too.

Problem 5: Burst pipes

Far from an unlikely occurance, 6% reported struggling with burst pipes. Synergy can fix or replace pipes, and evaluate your current pipes to prevent future problems.

Problem 4: Running toilets

9% of property owners have lived through the annoyance of a running toilet, but don’t let it run and run, because you will be adding to your water bills. Contact Synergy Plumbing Services for assistance.

Problem 3: Slow or blocked and clogged drains

Drainage issues account for a whopping 10% of plumbing problems so be careful what you put down the sink and toilet to prevent blockages.

Problem 2: Leaking pipes

With 11% of the vote, it’s clear than leaking pipes are a constant problem and cost money in wasted water too.

Problem 1: Dripping taps

Topping the list with 14% of the vote, it seems that dripping taps is the most common plumbing problem and perhaps the one that is least dealt with but don’t forget that by fixing a dripping tap, owners could save themselves at least £18 per year and 5,500 litres of water!

Need help with any of the above issues? Talk to us today.

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