Businesses looking to limit the effect of Coronavirus spreading in the workplace have a great deal to benefit by installing covid safe bathrooms. If you need help with adapting the bathroom or washroom in a commercial property, Synergy Plumbing Services can help make it happen.

The plumbing industry is ever evolving, and this is necessary in today’s turbulent times. Coronavirus has made us think about bathrooms in a way that we previously may not have imagined, but small tweaks can have significant results. To avoid cases spreading, clients becoming ill, or staff requiring time off, companies must to their bit to prevent germs from spreading.

Ventilation and Aeration

Aside from ventilating the wash room, laminar-flow clinic aerators on taps can help to stop particles from entering the water stream, reducing the potential for bacteria to breed.


When designing a new public or staff toilet area, it is important to factor in an adequate distance so that people are not placed to close together. We may soon be able to forget government mandated social distancing rules, but architects and construction engineers will forever consider distance when planning future rooms. This may mean that fewer facilities can be installed, or perhaps this problem can be solved with dividers or partitions. Synergy can advise on some innovative solutions.

Touchless Technology

Infrared and motion detection technology means that taps, soap dispensers, and dryers can be activated without humans touching an object and leaving bacteria on it. Aside from helping to squash germs, this type of technology often pays for itself in the long term because of the amount of water that is saved.


As forward-thinking companies begin turning the water temperature up in their public and staff toilets to help kill germs, health and safety becomes an issue because people are at more risk of receiving burns. An anti-scalding tap is essential in such circumstances.

If you own a retail, catering, or hospitality business in Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Kegworth, or surrounding areas in the East Midlands, you may be pleased to know that Synergy Plumbing Services are highly experienced with construction projects and bathroom refurbishments. Talk to us today.




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