Enjoying the ability to turn on the hot water and have it flowing through the home by the simple twist of a tap is one of life’s simple luxuries that we can take for granted. That is, until you turn the tap and the heat is gone.

Here at Synergy Plumbing Services, our plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, and East Midlands have seen it all when it comes to lack of hot water. Our highly experienced team of professionals know how to contend with these types of issues and fix the most common gripes when you have little or no hot water flowing through the home.

Long Heat Up Times – Why is it taking so long for my water to heat up?

Hot water on demand is very important but sometimes it can take too long for the water to heat. The problem could be an issue with the pipe work in your property, or there could be maintenance issues required on valves.

At Synergy Plumbing Services, we can optimize your existing system, checking things like your water pressure, or recommend innovative products such as a ‘point of use’ tankless hot water system. These systems heat faster without storing water in a tank. Tankless systems also can help reduce energy costs for the same reason.

Not Enough Hot Water – Why does my hot water run out so fast?

Sometime a family can outgrow their hot water system. Investing in a new, larger tank will provide you with ample hot water for the family, but again, the solution can most often be contended with by adding in a tankless water system. The benefit is that water is always hot and you need not worry about having to reheat the tank when water runs. Synergy Plumbing Services can assess your home and help you upgrade to a better quality, and more efficient water heating setup.

Hot Water Pressure – Is there a problem with my water pressure?

Correct water pressure is essential to the smooth running of your boiler and heating systems. A noticeable drop in hot water pressure is a sure sign that something is wrong within the system. Should you experience this issue, the most common culprit is clogged hot water pipes (via air or other debris). Synergy Plumbing Services can quickly free up the pipes and get your hot water pressure back up to a comfortable level.

Contact your local Plumber at Synergy today and let us help you with all of your plumbing needs.

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