The recommended frequency of servicing for most boilers is once every 12 months. In fact, many insurance policies and boiler warranties are only valid if you have completed regular servicing to maintain the safety of your boiler. In the majority of instances, an annual boiler inspection will suffice for most policies and warranties, although you should always check with the policy or warranty provider to be sure.

Why Should I get my boiler serviced?

Whilst modern boilers are incredibly reliable, they are also expensive pieces of kit, and making sure that your boiler is regularly inspected is a great way to pick up small faults before they escalate into larger issues. To save money in the long-run on future repairs, it makes practical sense to have a plumbing professional service your boiler every year. The inspector can detect and fix any problems early.

British Gas also point out that a failing boiler can be seriously dangerous. There are approximately 250 hospitalisations each year because of non-fire-related carbon monoxide poisonings. Synergy Plumbing Services are Gas Safe registered, so we can check for leaks and issues in boilers around Loughborough, Kegworth, Hathern, Shepshed, and the East Midlands, providing great peace of mind.

Whilst it is true to say that early detection of problems can save money on potentially growing problems, there may be other ways to save cash. During a boiler service, your Synergy engineer will carry out a series of evaluations to observe that the boiler is working efficiently. Efficient boilers are less expensive to run. If you are a landlord, it is actually a legal requirement that you undertake to get your appliances and flues checked out annually by a Gas Safe engineer. This includes boilers and other appliances such as stoves and fireplaces.

Synergy Plumbing Services are able to install and repair boilers. We also offer servicing on boilers that we have not previously installed. If your boiler hasn’t received professional attention in quite some time, don’t put it off any longer. Working boilers provide comfort to households, but faulty boilers will incur extra expense, and put the health and safety of your family or colleagues at risk. Whether you are a domestic homeowner, landlord or business premises owner looking for help, look no further than Synergy.

how often should i get my boiler serviced

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