Question: How do I cut my energy bills with prices set to rise?

Answer: Synergy Plumbing Services are aware that many of our customers are concerned about increases in their energy bills, and turn to their local plumber for practical advice. We understand that budgets are of concern to many people at the moment. Coming off a global pandemic, the last thing any one needs is a bigger bill from their energy company. So here are some of the ways to make your energy consumption more efficient, and get more value for your hard-earned money.

Keep things switched off, or low, when not needed

This definitely applies to taps. Don’t run more hot water than you need, and whilst this is not strictly a plumbing issue; a tweak to your laundry could make all the difference. According to ‘Which?’, running your washing machine at 30C, instead of 40C 4 times per week could save £13 off your annual bill. Turning it down further to 20C will save you almost double the money at £24 per year. Don’t use the tumble dryer when the weather is nice outside, and don’t forget to switch off the lights when appropriate.

Bleed household radiators

After the heating has been relatively unused over the summer, you may find that air gets into the radiator system. Bleeding your radiators will get things running more efficiently, and is advised by British Gas as a great way to save cash. If you are unable to bleed the radiators yourself, or need expert advice we can help. Synergy also operates a professional radiator power flushing service.

Fix leaks and other plumbing issues

A dripping tap can often go neglected with all the other important issues that we face each day, but if water is escaping from taps or pipes, you might as well be pouring money down the drain. Give your property some much needed attention and tend to any basic plumbing issues that may be causing a drag on your finances. Of course, not every plumbing project is suitable for the inexperienced homeowner, so we are here to help. Synergy can provide a wide range of plumbing and heating services from boiler servicing, installation and repair, through to construction projects and full bathroom refurbishments. If you live in Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Kegworth or surrounding areas, you can rely on your friendly and well-reviewed team.

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