These days, many of us our concerned about the carbon footprint that we are placing on the environment. If you are wondering how plumbing can be applied so that it is more eco-friendly, here are some tips.

Use the Correct Pipes

Steel or PEX (flexible cross-linked polyethylene) pipes are considered to be best in terms of improving water pressure. They are also reliable against wastage through leaks. You should consider insulating the pipes, and this could lead to a reduction in heat loss of 80%. Taking the proper approach with your pipes is a great way to save water and energy.


If you have a running toilet, fixing the leak could save significant amounts of precious water. Eco-friendly toilets are also rising in popularity, because they are just as good as the traditional models, but they can also reduce your monthly water bills. “Green toilets use 20 to 60 percent less energy compared to their classic counterparts”, say Homestructions.


Taps fitted with aerators allow for a high-pressure flow with up to 30% less water. Water savings also reduce the demand on heaters, saving energy and a lot of cash. Shower heads can be eco-friendly too, operating with the same principle by using air to spread the flow, without any loss in the performance of the shower.

Cleaning Products

Many people focus on making their plumbing infrastructure more environmentally friendly without considering the cleaning products that they pour down the plughole. Be sure to use eco-friendly drainage products, and don’t throw antibacterial wipes down the toilet, because they do not break-up. Chemicals such as caustic soda are hazardous. Many of the most harmless cleaning products are available at the same price as their damaging counterparts, so always read the label.

For more information on how you can improve the eco-friendliness of your home or business property, including thermostatic heat regulation, smart apps, or simply getting the best from your existing system with services such as radiator power flushing, we can help.

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