One of the effects of the pandemic has been a property market boom in the UK. If you are moving into a new property, here are some of the things that you should consider as relates to plumbing.

Many people have bought there first house, or thought about moving into a new property for a variety of reasons. The recent lockdowns have forced people to appreciate their homes, make improvements, and even seek new spaces, perhaps with larger gardens. The lack hospitality venues being open has also allowed people, young and old, to save money and put it towards a big investment such as a house.

Whether you are moving into a new or old build, watch out for the following issues:

Dripping Tap in Loughborough and surrounding areas

A dripping tap is a common problem but is none the less a pain because escaping water could rust seals and fittings, leading to complete failure. A slow running leak will often grow and pick up speed, so don’t let problems like this get out of hand. We can repair or replace taps and fittings.

Slow Draining Sink, Bath or Shower in Loughborough and surrounding areas

If your new property has a slow draining sink, don’t assume that you can alleviate the block by pouring chemicals down the plug hole. A slow running drain can be caused by a variety of factors, but an experienced team should be able to investigate the cause very quickly. Don’t ignore slow running drains, as the issue will only be compacted and potentially become more expensive to solve.

Clogged Toilets in Loughborough and surrounding areas

We regret having to tell you this, but if you have a new build property, or an old one that has been standing unoccupied for some time, a clogged toilet could be the result of all times of foreign objects, and there is the possibility that hapless construction engineers have put something down there that does not belong. Also true, is the fact that many people place things like antibacterial wipes down the basin, and they don’t break-up in water alone. If you move into a property with a blocked toilet, we strongly recommend you let the experts carry out an evaluation, because different blocks can require different solutions. Still, we will get it flushed away for you in no time.

Cold rooms in Loughborough and surrounding areas

Depending on the design of your new build, you may benefit from additional radiators. In the case of older buildings, the radiators may need bleeding or power flushing to that they work as expected. Synergy can help. We are Gas Safe registered, meaning that we are an ideal company to call if you need boiler service, installation or repair. We can help with water, heating, and other issues such as home improvements or kitchen and bathroom refurbishment.

If you are in need of some support whilst moving into a new property in Loughborough, Shepshed, Kegworth, Hathern or surrounding areas, talk to your local and well-reviews team – Synergy Plumbing Services.


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