Answer: Following these 4 tried and tested steps will put you on the road to working with a reliable and competitive plumber in Loughborough, Kegworth, Shepshed, Hathern and the East Midlands.

Step 1: Check the plumber’s website

Reputable plumbers all know that part of being an established company is to invest in a professional website. If the plumber’s website does not load, is full of broken links, or is littered with poor grammar and spelling mistakes, what kind of impression does this make? Plumbing is a skilled profession that relies on quality control and attention to detail, so if there is no website, or a broken one, it is probably best to give the people behind it a wide birth. Look for a professional website to instil confidence.

Step 2: Check that the plumber is on social media

The only plumbers that don’t have a social media profile are the ones that don’t want to be traced, or can’t be bothered to set one up. And what does that say about their ability to provide an excellent service? When searching for a plumber in Leicestershire, a social media profile will give you insight into the type of company they are. If the plumber has a social media profile it can give you an idea about the size of the company or whether the plumbing engineer is just a self-taught, one-man band. Look for a populated social media profile to give you an idea of the type of company you are dealing with.

Step 3: Check with friends and family

Don’t be afraid to ask around! Some of the best plumbers, such as the team here at Synergy Plumbing Services, come highly recommended thanks to our years of tireless local service. If you have a plumbing company in mind, but none of your friends and family have ever dealt with them, or heard of them, it might be time to dig a bit deeper. Of course, everyone’s experience is different, so it is important to get a varied selection of recommendations.

Step 4: Check for online reviews

If the company has a social media profile such as one on Facebook, there is a good chance that they have been reviewed. And if they haven’t been reviewed… why not? Lookout for Google and Facebook reviews to give you an overall picture of how the plumbing company is operating. Of course, we all have good and bad experiences from time to time, so don’t just read one review, read lots for a rounded view.

Synergy Plumbing Services are a great recommended plumber in Loughborough and surrounding areas, and we would love to help with a wide variety of services – from large and small repairs, to boiler installations or services, all the way through to home improvement projects such as bathroom refurbishments. Talk to the team today.

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