If you own a property, or rent out a portfolio of properties, staying on top of your plumbing maintenance will save you time and money. Synergy Plumbing Services offer regular maintenance contracts and can also come out to fix ad-hoc issues. Here are some of the more common tasks that get neglected

Running Toilets

It’s scary to think about how much water is wasted by a running toilet. There are many parts that can go wrong, such as refill tubes and flush valves. Whilst a slow running toilet might be quite easy to push towards the back of your mind, the lost money on water bills and the additional strain you are putting on the environment should actually give cause for concern. We can help.

Dripping Taps

A leaking tap fixture is often the result of a failed internal washer that has become worn or insecure over time. Like with running toilets, a dripping tap is a waste of water and money, so seek out a professional to fix the leak.

Water Heater Rods

The anode rod in your water heater will need replacing generally every two years. If you don’t replace a faulty rod, corrosion could occur, leading to the tank leaking. If you haven’t replaced your water heater anode rod in timely fashion, now may be a good idea to ask for a plumber to check that your heater is working ok.

Low Water Pressure

If you are suffering from more of a drizzle than a downfall when using your taps, this could be due to low water pressure. There are numerous potential causes, such as leaking pipes or damage caused by corrosion. Synergy can inspect your plumbing network and arrive at the most efficient solution for restoring adequate water pressure.

Plumbing Inspections

For good health and safety, in private or commercial properties, failing to get regular plumbing inspections could result in larger problems with the passing of time. It is important to check appliances, and the connections behind them as this will pick up on small drips before they become big leaks. Synergy can inspect pipes, heaters and appliances, making sure that they will stay reliable. Please get in touch today for a reliable service in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Kegworth and the East Midlands.

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