Plumbing is a specialist job that requires skill, patience, and the correct equipment. Of course, many routine plumbing tasks can be completed at home without calling in the professionals, but it is important not to make things worse in the process of trying to save a few pennies, because the cost of repair may increase if you accidentally make a hash of things.

Here is Synergy Plumbing Services’ top tips on mistakes you should try to avoid:

Overtightening seals and connections

We understand that seals and connections need to be closed securely in order to stop water escaping, but if you overtighten them, you could crack a pipe or thread. Often, the damage done to a pipe or connection through overtightening can take time to become visible, meaning that leaking water can cause lasting problems.

It’s not just the pipes and connections that are prone to overtightening. If you are bolting sink fixtures or toilets to the floor, you could cause them to break and leak. Exercise care when tightening seals, connections, and bolts.

Using drain cleaning chemicals unnecessarily

When the water starts to slow down as it is leaving the plughole, many people reach straight for caustic drain unblockers to restore water flow. Instead, when a drain becomes blocked, a snake or barbed drain cleaning tool is often best in these situations and will remove any obstructions. The problem with drain unblocking acids is that they will only remove some organic waste, and will not be able to deal with other foreign bodies such as plastics. If you throw acid down the plug hole you may find it does not clear the block, but now you are stuck with harmful chemicals suspended in the pipes.

Forgetting to turn off the water

Either because they are brave, or foolish, many DIY’ers fail to turn the water off at the main valve when making repairs or installations. This is risky and could result in severe flooding. Don’t forget to turn off the main water supply valve when undertaking even the most basic plumbing chores.

Using the wrong tools

We all own a certain number of tools but we don’t necessarily have everything we need to do the job properly. This is where many DIY’ers make the mistake of trying to bodge a job with the wrong tools. If you are unsure of which tools to use, or feel inexperienced in using them, now is the time to call in a reputable plumber.

Synergy Plumbing Services in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Kegworth and surrounding East Midland’s areas can help with everything from basic to advanced plumbing tasks. We can repair and refurbish bathrooms, install and powerflush radiators, and we also work with boilers. Synergy is Gas Safe registered, so let us take the problems out of your plumbing.




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