Question: can central heating thermostats help to fight mould?

Answer: Yes. During the cold snap over recent weeks, many of us were turning the heating back on before Christmas, for the first time in quite a while. 2021 was a mild year, but as winter fell, so too did temperatures. Many people only ever turn the heating on when the house becomes uncomfortably cold, and this makes sense, but there is an unwanted side effect to this on-off approach with central heating, and that is the presence of damp and mould.
As Bristol Live reports, Tim Fenner, who works at Timberwise has pointed out that condensation is becoming a real problem, leading to damp homes in the UK. He says that when the heating goes off it cools the house down and water condenses in areas leading to mould. The parts of the house that are most effected by this process are rooms and spaces with bad air circulation, and behind curtains or wardrobes. Mould is pretty harmless at low levels, but it can damage your property if the problem persists, and cause health complications especially for those suffering with asthma. The trick is to make sure that your house doesn’t keep fluctuating in temperature, leading to condensation. This is where a good, working thermostat can help.

How to solve the problem of damp

Tim Fenner says that it is understandable that people will want to save money by keeping the heating down when it is not needed as much, so it is important to also make sure that homes are ventilated properly. Apparently, even well insulated homes are at risk of damp, especially as people undertake additional chores such as drying clothes on radiators, and boiling food. In essence, Tim says the best advice is to keep the house neither too hot or cold, because it is the constant fluctuation that can increase damp and heating problems. Good use of your central heating thermostat would be a wise choice.

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