Prevent boiler breakdowns by making sure you get regular servicing from a reputable plumber.

Hometree have reported that lockdowns have resulted in an increased number of boiler breakdowns. It appears that figures jumped by 12% when compared to winter last year. As many people were furloughed or told not to leave the house, a greater pressure was put on heating systems in the home. This greater usage has resulted in a higher prevalence of boiler failures.

“With the boiler being a crucial component in ensuring that homes are kept comfortable during the coldest months, the additional usage whilst working from home has meant increased wear and tear”, says Kemley Sellars of Hometree. “It really highlights the importance of having your boiler serviced in the coming months, ensuring that it’s working for next winter where many may have transitioned post-Covid to working from home more often.”

How to prepare your boiler for winter

Get Regular Boiler Servicing in Loughborough and surrounding areas

An annual boiler service carried out by a Gas Safe engineer is essential for maintaining a smoothly running system. When a boiler is working well, it is easy to forget about it, but you should maintain your boiler in the same way as your car, so that it continues to serve you well for many years to come.


Check radiators by making sure that there are no cold spots present when the heating is on. Cold spots may be the result of trapped air within the system. In some cases, bleeding the radiators will solve the issue, but Synergy can also offer a more advanced solution for more difficult problems, such as ‘Power Flushing’ to get the best from your radiators.

Check the boiler pressure

Drops in boiler pressure may result in a loss of hot water around the property. Additionally, if the pressure is too high, you could use a filling loop to release excess pressure. It is often wise to call a qualified professional plumber if you are unsure.

With working from home set to continue for many of us, the heating will be more vital than ever this winter. To keep your water running hot and the plumbing on point, talk to Synergy Plumbing Services. We regularly service domestic and commercial properties in Loughborough, Shepshed, Hathern, Kegworth and surrounding areas. We are your locally trusted team.

how often should i get my boiler serviced




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