Answer: If you’ve noticed the weather taking a colder turn over the past few weeks, you may be wondering how to protect and look after your domestic or commercial plumbing.

Many of the common plumbing problems that are caused by colder temperatures can be avoided with a bit of proactivity. If you are unsure about the state of your pipes as you head into winter, Synergy can come and provide a health check and make suggestions. Here are some of the frequent problems that we see in Loughborough, Hathern, Shepshed, Kegworth and surrounding areas.

Frozen Pipes

Especially with external pipes that are chilled by the air outside, water can freeze inside the pipes. The problem here is that frozen pipes can become brittle, and prone to split as they expand and contract with the changing temperatures.

There are specialist outdoor pipes that may serve as good replacements, or even a bit of insulation can go a long way when it comes to protecting the pipes.

Blocked Drains

Wintertime often means more cooking and celebrations, especially around Christmas and New Year. With this added demand on the kitchen, the drains will be expected to deal with a lot more debris going through the sinks and waste disposal systems. A simple way to avoid clogged drain is to be more mindful about what you are allowing to fall through the plug hole. Consider using a food trap to stop morsels entering the plug. Consider keeping discarded oil and fats in a tub rather than trying to wash it down the sink. Once the fat has solidified it can be discarded in the bin or in the case of certain fats like lard, even fed to the birds.

Frozen Septic Tanks

If you own a septic tank, it may be susceptible to freezing. The lines that supply the tank could also freeze. Insulation such as straw can be placed in strategic areas around the tank and its lines to help keep temperatures above freezing. Additionally, it is always a good idea to make sure that the soil around the tank is not too solid and compacted, since this will become like ice in those colder weathers.


As the snow falls, and then melts, many properties suffer from flooding, particularly in basements and cellars. Check your property for vulnerable points and look for ways to seal any areas that may welcome potential leaks.

Synergy Plumbing Services has seen a variety of issues caused by failing to protect properties from plumbing and we are here to help. If you are a property owner, student, tenant, or landlord in need of some assistance when it comes to making sure that your property is “winter-ready”, talk to us today.


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