A Combi Boiler could be the perfect choice for your home or property.

Water is one of the most useful resources within our home and there is nothing more satisfying than ending a hard day with a relaxing warm shower or bath. When hot water is unavailable, an adequate boiler may be the answer. There are a lot of different boilers for you home, or business premises, to choose from. These days many people are turning to Combi Boilers to provide their hot water needs and here is why.

No Down Time

Families come in varying sizes and whether or not you have just one person living with you or quite a few, you have likely had to deal with the long wait for more water to heat up within the boiler. Combi Boilers take the wait out altogether because they instantly heat the water that you need, so there is no waiting for bath and shower water to reach the right temperature.

Plumbers and home owners are turning to these systems because of their more economical properties. We can install your boiler. We are professional plumbers in Loughborough, Shepshed, Kegworth, Diseworth, and surrounding areas in the East Midlands, so please contact us at Synergy Plumbing Services.

Space Saving

If you have ever had the pleasure/torture of looking for a new home for the family, you can attest to the fact that space comes at a premium. The traditional boiler takes up an entire closet in most homes. Such space could be better utilised for other things. Combi Boilers do not need a large footprint order to run.

Longer Lasting Value

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When your traditional boiler system goes out it can be a serious expense to replace. If you have purchased a home you may not even know how old the system is and therefore it is like having a ticking time bomb waiting to go off on you without the proper maintenance. The installation of a Combi Boiler will give you peace of mind in knowing that your system will last for years. Combi Boilers tend to last much longer than traditional systems because they only turn on when needed instead of constantly running. Synergy Plumbing Services can both install, and regularly check your boiler, so please contact us no matter what type you have.

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If a Combi Boiler sounds like something your home needs, give us a call at Synergy Plumbing Services today and let us provide you with that super efficient, great value, boiler system you have always wanted.

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